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Lamp Design Competition | Gainesville, FL

Design Intent

The lamp is intended for outdoor use on the ground. It is to be placed at the joint where a wall meets the ground, so that it will project light horizontally along the ground surface in the direction of the wall movement (both forward and backward), while illuminating the base of the wall with a soft blue light. The projection of light along an axis, as well as the highlighted edges of the acrylic inserted into the wood, are both intended to reinforce a horizontal system of movement along the exterior of a building or free-standing wall.

Design Specifications

MR16 Halogen Spot bulb
50 Watts
12V (used with a low voltage transformer)
Touch Dimmer (120V~, 60Hz, 300 Watts max.)

Advantages to this halogen lighting system include improved efficiency over incandescent bulbs due to a hotter-burning filament. The halogenated gases around the filament prevent it from condensing on the inside of the bulb, which contributes to a longer life span. Its smaller size is also more convenient since the luminaire is fairly narrow in width. Although the bulb will give off a lot of heat, it is not considered to be a problem since the lamp is intended for outdoor use, and adequate ventilation is provided through the construction of the luminaire.

Materials intended/used include wood, acrylic (plexi-glass), and stainless steel threaded rods with nuts.

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