Steel House
Los Angeles, CA

The Slide House aims to investigate the opportunities created by physically sliding and moving different elements of the house. The dining room and kitchen are located on the ground floor in addition to laundry, storage and mechanical space. An adjoining volume contains an office, which is accessible both from the main house and a dedicated entry. Three bedrooms are located in two separate volumes that slide in and out of the house in two directions. These volumes are supported by dense, welded cages of rectangular tubes, and are suspended from a track attached to the main structural girders above.

Moving one or both of these volumes out opens up additional living space upstairs and provides shade for the patio and garden spaces below. It may be desirable to the family to open up the southeast living space in the late afternoon when the sun is not as intense in that zone. During the mornings or earlier afternoon, the family may choose to move the volumes to fully open the west living space. Furniture and entertainment will be housed within the walls of these volumes so that it may be unfolded or pulled out like a drawer depending on which space is being used. | full text