Westwood Singles
Westwood, CA

Located just south of UCLA, Westwood Singles is an infill development that caters to current graduate students and recent graduates of UCLA. Prefabricated modules create a compact, efficient living space for an individual looking to get his or her professional career started. These modules feed into larger, shared “offices” which residents can use as incubator spaces for starting up their own businesses, or as work spaces for their personal work following graduation. The site, located on what are currently several parcels of surface parking for a CVS and small retail stores, is within walking distance of a number of essential and leisure services. Because of this proximity, no additional services or spaces are needed within the project that might dilute its purpose. Three major bus lines make several stops within walking distance of the site – The Metro (Rapid and Local), Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, and Culver City bus – serving ten bus routes, all of which make stops at UCLA on a regular schedule. Additionally, the area is well served by bike lanes, and services are within walking distance. This access to alternative transportation methods alleviates the traffic burden in the area, and connects the residents to the rest of the city, should they desire to leave this wonderful area. | full text