Charleston Spoleto Festival Music and Painting Center
Charleston, SC

The city of Charleston in South Carolina is located on a peninsula between the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. Having suffered both physical and economic decline through the Civil War and a major earthquake, the city has been built up and repaired several times, creating a historically rich and layered condition. The city comprises mostly eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings, with a more modern area farther north. Each year, the Spoleto Festival USA takes place in the city, modeled after the Spoleto Festival held annually in Spoleto, Italy. The festival brings an inundation of art, dance, theater and music to Charleston, providing a mix of both young performers and artists and veterans.

A client has requested a proposal for a Charleston Music and Painting Center, to be located in a vacant lot of roughly 15,000 sq.ft. south of Queen St., between State St. and Meeting St. in the theater district. The Music and Painting Center comprises a gallery for painting exhibitions, a performance hall for small ensemble musical performances as well as public meetings, and six studios for the Spoleto Fellows. Each studio serves as a live/work space. The entry hall provides access to the different spaces, while the administrative space contains offices, a meeting room, and a small kitchen. Courtyard space is integrated into the design and is used in conjunction with the primary functions of the Center. | full text