Urban Renewal of the Meat Packing District
New York, NY

The Meat Packing District on the West Side of Manhattan (between Gansevoort and W. 16th streets, from 9th Ave. out to the piers) used to be the center of the meat packing industry during the waterfront age of ships, trains, factories and warehouses. Aside from a few remaining warehouses still used for industrial operations, this district is no longer used as it once was. A limited number of restaurants, clubs and boutiques are emerging; however the area still has potential for serious development, as a large part of the existing fabric is derelict and not suitable for occupation in its current state.

Beginning at the southern end of the project site is the High Line - an elevated hard-rail system that stretches 22 blocks north alongside the highway, running both over and through buildings; once serving the purpose of transporting, loading and unloading supplies and goods. The High Line has been out of use for some 20 years and has fallen into a state of disrepair, but has survived demolition efforts and has been slated for renovation, which will provide a series of unique, public, open spaces, in addition to a safe mode of pedestrian travel through the city. | full text